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Signing up to Marine Services is super simple. We can make a profile on you and your business simply based on details on your website, and send it to you for approval. If you don’t have a website – no problem, we can prepare a profile based on a few details and a photo or two.

Sign up now and you’ll get until the end of February 2018 for free. Simply register below.

These are some of the details on Marine Services:

  • High rankings in Google searches: We will be promoting and optimising the site so it features high up the Google rankings for marine-related searches - which means you don't have to with your own website. This will help attract more searches and users to your profile.
  • Reviews: Customers will be able to leave reviews on the businesses they have used. Reviews are of course common in most contemporary online marketplaces, and research shows that businesses that attract favourable reviews get more business and can charge more for their services. You will have the right to respond to any reviews.
  • Job estimate function: Customers will be able to request expressions of interest from businesses for a job they want carried out. For example, if a boat owner wants his diesel engine reconditioned, he can post an "estimate my job" request. That request will be matched with businesses that do work in that field and geographic area (identified by tags selected by the business). The businesses that receive that request can choose to respond if they wish to - there is no obligation to do so.
  • Contact your customers: You will be able to contact your customers that register on the site to promote offers or help schedule your work (e.g. "Come and get your boat serviced before the spring rush!")
  • We build your profile - at no extra charge: We will build a profile for you based on the information on your website - you don't need to do anything. If you don't have a website, no problem. We can simply build a profile based on the information you provide us, which you will be able to approve.
  • Two types of profiles: There will be two types of profiles as follows:
    • Standard profile: This option allows a description of the business and what it specialises in, links as required (such as to the website or Facebook page) plus up to three photographs. This is suitable for smaller or sole trader businesses. The standard profile will be $30 (plus GST) per month, on a month to month contract.
    • Enhanced profile: The enhanced profile includes all the features in the standard profile plus additional features. This will be $45 (plus GST) per month on a month to month contract. ·
  • Reports and analytics: We can provide you with analytics on the site and your profile on a monthly basis so you can see the traffic you are attracting.

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