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How it works

We help you to find suitable marine service providers to do a job on your boat.

Simply fill out the details of the job that you would like to discuss with suitable marine service providers. Your details will be compared to the capabilities of the service providers on our database, and sent to those where there is a close fit. If they be interested in your job, they will contact you to discuss your job. At that point, you can agree with the service provider of your choice, the nature of the job and any contractual arrangements between you.

An example

Bob owns a 1970s fibreglass launch and notices there is evidence of delamination occurring on the boat. He wants to get businesses that specialise in that area to contact him to discuss the problem. Bob provides the details to, we send it to the relevant marine businesses and then they get in touch with Bob to discuss. Bob then agrees the details of the job with them as he chooses – it’s entirely up to Bob.