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Marine Electrical Services

The Marine Electrical Services company is family owned and has been installing and servicing marine electrical equipment on all sized vessels for more than 18 years. This company was founded in 1999.

Tony at Sparkn is well-regarded and well-known both among vessel owners and within the industry as a knowledgeable Marine Electrical Engineer, who prefers to customize an electrical solution for you based on the technology available and your needs.

We provide a number of different marine electrical services:

We take great pride in listening to you as the owner and in our ability to solve even the most complex electrical problems. We can easily deal with shore power leads and EWOFs.

We are able to do yearly inspections of your vessels, where we check for maintenance issues and obvious faults that might disrupt your leisure time and enjoyment out on the water.

We are registered electricians who are fully qualified for performing all electrical work, including both DC and AC, on vessels.

About us

Tony Boyd is director and owner of Sparkn Electrical, and has been since the inception of the company. Tony is a registered, licensed electrician, and has worked on boats overseas and in Auckland for 18 years. For 6 years he has contracted with Salthouse Marine, for 12 years with McDell Marine, and for 19 years with Genesis Marine.

Tony is a professional and highly personable electrician, who has extensive electrical training and knowledge to draw on. He enjoys the complex demands of modern technology and modern living.

Tony was a cabinet maker previously and has gained experience within the boat-building industry since that time. He is equally comfortable working on re-builds, retro-fits, or new buildings, and can also neatly remove and replace panels.

Tony also has performed vessel inspections on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's behalf.

Sparkn is a family owned and operated business that likes maintaining close personal touches with all of our clients, to ensure we come to a comprehensive solution through understanding and listening to your needs, and knowing how you use your boat.

We will work to get a personal solution designed that will be long lasting, unlike what so many other electricians are willing to do.

We take great pride in offering you value.

No problem is too hard for us to solve.

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