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Beginnings and Advancement

A company in the marine industry looking to offer electric services began in Auckland 30 years ago, named EAL. Our services created a high demand in commercial as well as residential markets in a short amount of time, due to our high quality work among the superyacht and marine sector, resulting in major growth of our reputation.

Our goal is to provide you with an exact solution to any project you may be undergoing. The team we have on staff at our Auckland premises is trained to assist customers with up-to-date, economical, quality service for any electrical needs.

Marine Services

  • Marine Solutions

  • Design and Examination

  • New installation

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Yacht refit

  • Infrared Survey

  • Assistance and Sales

There has been immense recognition of EAL Electric both in local and international markets, as being an industry leader for its work. We look to suit your needs and are versatile in what we can help with, whether it's for commercial or recreational vehicles, superyachts, trailer boats, and much more.

EAS Electric has a workshop that has been constructed specifically for these types of projects. It can safely house vehicles of great size as we work on providing you with great service. We also have a team of mobile technicians who can travel nationwide to work on these vessels as well.

Whatever electrical work you need, can be accomplished by our elite superyacht refit technicians. Additionally, there is a team of project managers that have been well trained to oversee any work done, to ensure that your project meets your needs, is in your budget, and completed on time.

Any marine electrical requirements you have can be completed by EAL Electric. Our ISO 9001 quality management principles and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation will give you peace of mind in knowing that we are committed to providing only the highest quality products and services.

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