Novice Guide To Charter Fishing

Novice Guide To Charter Fishing

Novice Guide To Charter Fishing

Have you ever been flicking through TV channels, to come across a fishing show and thought; I want to give it that a try?

Or perhaps you’ve been a long time fan of fishing but never gotten around to actually doing it? Then the time to test the waters, and spend some quality time fishing, while enjoying cool ocean breezes is upon you.

But as a greenhorn with almost zero experience and no boat, you probably have dozens of questions: where do you start? Where to go? What type of rod should you use? Fortunately, we will give you an inside scoop on charter fishing to make sure you not only have the time of your life on the water, but also get to increase your passion for fishing.

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Money Talks

As with any other services, different fishing charters will offer different prices. Therefore, you’ll want your first decision to be about how much you’re going to spend. But, before you decide on a budget, it is imperative that you understand that charters vary significantly regarding the type of fishing, how far they venture, as well as the kind of bait and catch they use.

You will find that while one charter will not have a problem with venturing far from the shore, others will have reservations regarding the issue. Also, some will have 24/7 trips and others will have either day or night trips. Some charters will even provide food and drinks during the trip while others won’t.

So, which fishing charter should you pick?

Bottom line, money talks; the services provided will depend on how much you paid. If you pick a cheap charter, chances are they won’t offer food or drinks, and you’ll be fishing for tarakihi. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend more for your fishing trip, you can expect services such as fishing advice (if you need it of course!), catering services and of course, you’ll venture further from the shore fishing and even indulge in game fishing for marlin.

However, while money talks, the cost isn't everything. Do some homework on the skipper’s reputation or ask around for recommendations. Doing your due diligence can make a world of difference on your charter fishing trip.

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How To Book Right

Fishing charter services are available for individuals and groups. But is fishing as a group a great option? In our opinion, ABSOLUTELY! Sometimes charter operators will even allow groups of up to 12 people.

So, why would you opt to sit alone gazing at the water with the not-so-pleasing smell of fish guts everywhere when you could be having a great time sharing a couple of jokes and drinks with your mates? So, consider booking as a group for a fun fishing experience.

After all, you can never tell what strangers are thinking. Trust us, the company you have on the trip can either make or break your experience. Also, if you’re going with a well-reputed skipper, make sure to book early, even months in advance.

How To Be A Better Fishing Charter Client

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first trip or not, or even if you know the skipper for that matter - there is a certain charter fishing etiquette that makes sure everyone gets along and has a great time on the water. If not adhered to, greenhorns can find themselves in some easily avoidable faux pas that can spoil their trip. Here’s a look at top etiquette tips to make you a better client:

• First impressions are important

• Follow instructions and communicate your needs to the captain.

• Dispose of garbage properly.

• Stick to the crew’s fishing methods.

• Don’t be ‘that guy’ don’t get too drunk and spoil everyone’s trip.

• Arrive on time.

• Don’t be a know-it-all and ask for advice when there are new techniques and equipment involved.

• Have fun make jokes! And of course, don’t forget the tip jar.

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How To Prepare

When you’re going for your first charter fishing trip, it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement and forget to prepare right. To have a pleasant experience, you need to prepare, and that calls for knowing the type of boat that will be used, the fishing area and the equipment necessary.

We know that it can be exhilarating to fish with your own equipment, but even if you don’t have the right gear, most charters will supply it for you.

Last but not least, make sure you’re aware of any extra or hidden charges.

Captains Have Their Rules, Stick To Them

We can’t stress enough on how important it is for you to obey the skipper’s rules. Never assume anything and make sure that you’re always on the same page with the skipper. After all, they’re the experts here.

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Whether you’re a novice or are interested in growing your fishing experience, our tips will make for smoother sailing on your charter fishing.

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