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About Marine Services

Everything you need to get your boat sorted out and ready for the water. All in one place.

Marine Services is a marketplace dedicated to helping boat owners get their vessels shipshape. It contains a comprehensive database of businesses that provide services to boat owners, complete with details of their services, where they provide services, reviews of their work from customers, and more. You can even request an estimate from businesses for a job you need carried out.  Sign up for the regular newsletter that we'll be sending out soon, and be in for special offers from our businesses, as well as useful information about getting your boat problems resolved.

The idea behind Marine Services came from the personal experience of its founder, Michael Goldfinch, in finding the right people to attend to the various issues with his boats.  Having grown up around boats, and being an owner of a range of boats for the last almost 20 years, Michael has sometimes found it difficult to find the right business for the particular job at hand.  What he was after was a one-stop shop to find businesses that do work in the marine sector, with information about those businesses, including reviews from their customers.  And he thought it would be useful to be able to get a range of businesses to get in touch to discuss providing an estimate for a particular job, rather than simply contacting them randomly. 

The result is Marine Services, and we'd love to have you join the Marine Services community.  Sign up for our regular newsletter, or if you're a business serving the marine sector feel free to get in touch.  We're offering a free trial for a limited time for businesses who want to get on board.